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We utilize 2 manufacturing methods 
when constructing our marching banners:

I.  Dye-Sublimation Printing on Polyster Fabric:
This is when we print the banner layout as a transfer using one of our dye-sublimation machines. Once the transfer is printed, we then take this and run it through one of our large heat presses. The colorfast dye is then chemically bonded into the fibers of the polyester to ensure longevity. The banner is finished with double-needle stitching along all hems and usually a 3" pole-hem with leather tabs is added along the top length of the banner. Fringe is available in several different colors and we also offer a variety of templates and additional finishing options such as borders, frame sleeves, etc.  All our marching banners come with a 200 denier nylon fabric back-lining.  Please see product category for details.
II.  Sewn and Appliqued on 200 denier Nylon Fabric:
Initially, we produce a perforated pattern using your vector artwork. This pattern is then stenciled on to the background color of the nylon fabric.  Next, pin the nylon colors that will be appliqued on to the banner.  The banner then will go to a sewing machine operator who sews along the stencil lines using our zig-zag sewing machines. Once this is finished, the banner will go on to an appliqued trimmer, who will trim away the excess fabric to reveal the letters, design / logo, etc.  The banner is then finished with double-needle stitching around the perimeter and a 3" pole-hem with leather tabs along the top length of the banner is added.  Borders, frame sleeves, and fringe can be added as well if such are desired. There are a variety of different templates available depending on whether you would prefer a straight-cut or scallop-cut bottom.  All our marching banners come with a 200 denier nylon fabric back-lining.  Please see product category for details.

Pro's of choosing Dye-Sublimation:
The advantages of choosing a printed marching banner are:
  1. Budget- If you are on a budget, this method of manufacturing is less costly than the Sewn and Appliqued method. You will be getting a banner that will last you for a long time with competitively low pricing. The dye-printed banners are colorfast (meaning that the color is chemically bonded to the fabric - colors will not crack, peel, or fade with time as evident with screen printing).
  2. Time- If you have a deadline, dye-printed banners are usually the quicker method and recommended for rush orders.
  3. Design & Color - With dye-printed banners we can produce more complicated and intricate design layouts. This means that we can use as many colors as desired in your layout with shading, blending of colors, and outlines around lettering and logo / mascot without the price being significantly affected. In addition, unlike with nylon colors, we will match as closely as possible the PMS color reference # that is provided to us. You are not restricted to certain dye lots as is the case with nylon marching banners.  We encourage you to review the nylon fabric color chart for suggested colors so that we can provide a close match. nylonfabriccolorchart

  4. Quality & Appearance - Choosing dye-sublimation guarantees that you will have the finest quality printed banner possible without a price penalty for the number of colors being used - Your design can be as colorful as you want it to be!  Futher, dye-printed banners are of such high quality appearance that you can't tell the difference between printed or sewn construction at a viewing distance (spectator viewing distance is approximately  20').

Pro's of choosing Sewn and Appliqued:
The advantages of choosing a sewn marching banner are:
  1. High Prestige - The sewn and appliqued method is the traditional method for manufacturing marching banners for generations. When you get one of our nylon sewn and appliqued marching banners, you know you are getting top notch quality.  We have perfected and specialized in the manufacturing of our sewn marching banners for over 38 years.  Marching with a sewn and appliqued banner will guarantee your group's recognition and identity; you will be proud to march displaying your banner.
  2. Highest Quality - Each letter and design element is appliqued onto the banner which provides a slightly raised surface with more eye-catching appeal. The nylon used for manufacturing the banner is colorfast whcih means you are getting a banner that will last and colors will not fade over time. Customers who have purchased banners from us over 35 years ago are still displaying and marching their banners proudly.
  3. Nylon Colors- We have 72 nylon colors to choose from for your sewn marching banner. Each nylon color is pre-dyed and you can view our nylon fabric color chart to see the full spectrum of colors offered. If you are unsure about a color, we do offer swatch requests - if you would like swatches of nylon mailed to you so that you can decide on a color, we provide this service free of charge.  Please note that swatch requests are limited to a twelve color limit.
We utilize only the finest nylon fabric available from select fabric houses to ensure uniformtiy of color and quality. In fact, we offer the very same fabric for sale to the general public for production of custom flags and banners.

Click the following link to view our nylon fabric color chart:

Pro's of Choosing a Combination:  Combining Sewn and Appliqued Method along with Dye-Sublimation
If you want the appearance of sewn stitching for your letters, but have a complicated or intricate logo / mascot, we may recommend sewn and appliqued letters on nylon fabric with a dye-sublimation print for your logo / mascot - to be sewn on as a panel to the rest of the banner.
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