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Sewn & Appliqued Flags

We make custom nylon sewn & appliquéd flags and banners of the finest quality in a wide range of sizes, shapes and constructions.  

The fact that these flags are custom made, requires that each flag layout be evaulated and quoted with size and construction style known.  If you hae a layout already prepared, please send us a copy for review with any suporting infomation needed such as size , construction style, and colors.  Your quote request can be any viewable  file, but please note that production files would need to be vector based. Vector based files are produced in programs like CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator. If you have questions or concerns, please call or  email to discuss your layout and requirements. Our phone number is 845-246-7700. Our email is
Features and Details

The applique sewing and trimming technique results in a dimensional appearance of the fabric layers of the product. Texture and color is enhanced. This is the most traditional of the available techniques of manufacturing flags and banners.  A range of product complexity and detail can be achieved utilizing this method.  The design elements and lettering within a specific layout are composed of fabric, most commonly nylon, and sewn together using a zig-zag industrial sewing machine. The exterior portoions of letters and objects are cut away with an applique sissor leaving behind the actual letters and images of the design. Fabric, techinique, and craftsmanship come together to produce the flag or banner result.

Custom-made  nylon sewn & appliquéd flag and banner pricing is determined by size, the number of letters, the complexity of designs, the number of colors of fabric, and construction options selected.  Other cost factors are the construction shape, single-side, single-reverse, or double-side, and wheher the product is a flag or banner.  Generally flags fly in the wind and banners hang or are attached to a surface. Each require a  different finishing techique, and may be described as appearing in landscape or portrait shape. 

For More Information: The Sewn and Appliqued Method

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