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Printed Across-the-Street Banner

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Printed Across-the-Street Banner:

Dye-printed on 200 denier Dacron polyester fabric using colorfast dye-sublimation ink


Choose size:

  • 2.5' x 8'

  • 2.5' x 16'

  • Available as single-side or double-side with back-lining or inner light-blocking lining as appropriate

  • White polyester heading and grommets or roped heading

  • Sewing on a polyester heading greatly increases the strength and durabilty of the banner. The grommets literally have something to grab and remain secure.

  • Roped heading refers to rope inserted into the polyester heading and extended a length beyond the banner edge in each corner, and to the rope inserted into the heading and reinforced at the four corners of the banner with metal thimbles. We also place grommets along the top span of the roped heading.

We strongly suggest that you view our information page concerning the rigging of a street banner. You will find diagrams and helpful suggestions for proper use of rigging hardware. Our basic suggestion is to use a cable stretched from Point A to Point B, and suspend the banner from the cable rather than allowing the banner to support itself without cabling.

More Information can be found here:

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Item Number: SB01
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