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Components (Name and Fucntion)

The various parts of a Flagpole have distinct functions that correspond by name for easy identification:
• Ball – The most common ornament topping the flagpole. More generically, this is a finial, which could be a ball, an eagle or something else. The diameter is usually the same as the butt diameter of the flagpole.

• Base Plate – A metal plate that the foundation sleeve and flagpole sit upon.

• Butt Diameter – The diameter of the pole around the bottom.

• Cleat – Often attached directly to the shaft, this is where the halyard is tied off after raising the flag.

• Cleat Cover – A box that houses the cleat and is lockable to deter theft or vandalism.

• Flag Snap – Hardware that allows for easy attachment or removal of the flag to the flagpole.

• Flash Collar – A type of cover placed at the base of the flagpole where it it meets grade for decorative purposes to create a more finished appearance.

• Foundation Sleeve – An underground sleeve the flagpole slides into.

• Halyard – The rope or cable used to affix the flag snaps to the flag for raising and lowering. Can be placed externally for convenience or, internally for security. Choose internal halyard  design if you are concerned with security and efficiency of operation. External halyards cost less.

• Halyard Cover – A type of cover that protects the halyard for security.

• Lightning Ground Spike – A spike that gives lightning a path to ground, in case of a strike.

• Support Plate – A metal plate that connects the base plate and the lightning ground spike.

• Top Diameter – The diameter of the pole around the top.

• Truck – The pulley mechanism atop the pole that guides the halyard as the flag is being raised or lowered.

• Wall – Flagpoles are hollow shafts.  Wall is a reference to the thickness of the shaft. Proper thickness of the shaft wall determines strength and durability. The thicker the wall, the greater the wind speed specification.
• Yardarm –  Crossbar pole attached to the vertical main shaft on flagpole primarily used for Nautical Display. Halyard lines are set from the top of the main mast to the far ends of the yardarm to allow rigging of additional signals, etc., independent of rigging on the main center pole or mast.

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