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Homesteader Complete Flagpole Set 15' Model with 3'x5' Nylon U.S. Outdoor Flag

Homesteader flagpole kit
MSRP: $178.00
Price: $160.00
You Save: $18.00 (10 %)

Homesteader Aluminum Flag Pole Sets  with a high quality 3'x5' Nylon US Flag with Embroidered Stars

15' Height (above Ground)

Standard Fittings Include
-  3" Gold anodized ball ornament
- Cast aluminum truck with pully
- Solid braidered poly rope halyard
- 2 nylon flag snaps
- Rope cleat with mounting screws
- Decorative storage box
-Heavy duty groubnd sleeve
- Can be shipped by FedEx and Parcel post.
- Plus an US Nylon 3'x5' size outdoor flag with Embroidered Star Field

- Optional flash collar $31.00 extra

Item Number: OFP14
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