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Flagpoles - FAQ
Why buy a Flagpole from us?

Price, Product Selection, Quality and Service!  We have been faithfully serving our customers since 1973.  Every item offered on this online store site is discounted a minimum of 10%!  Numerous items are further discounted from 15% up to 50%!  With us, you get the best quality flagpole products at the best possible price.
What is the best size and location for my Flagpole?

The size of properties and buildings are important when deciding on the correct size flagpole. Usually, in a residential setting, flagpoles of 20 to 25 feet in height compliment most 1 or 2 story homes. White fiberglass poles are often recommended as they can compliment any architectural style.

Commercial and industrial flagpoles can be found in sizes 20 feet and above. Again, the size of the property and building surround is important when considering the size of your flagpole. Generally, for office buildings, poles of 25' to 40' height work best to provide a corporate feel.

What size flag is appropriate for my Flagpole?

Make sure your pole size and flag size work together.  Remember, the size of your flag and the size of  your flagpole is dependant on one another.
  • 15'  pole  -  3' x 5'  flag

  • 20'  pole  -  3' x 5'  to  4' x 6'  flag

  • 25'  pole  -  4' x 6'  to  5' x 8'  flag

  • 30'  pole  -  5' x 8'  to  6' x 10'  flag

  • 35'  pole  -  6' x 10'  to  8' x 12'  flag

  • 40'  pole  -  6' x 10'  to  10' x 15'  flag

    Please Note:  It is important when purchasing your pole to be aware of the recommended flag size.
    Flying a larger flag than is recommended for your flagpole may result in damage to your pole.

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