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Flagpole Length:
The flagpole length is measured and described in reference to its above-ground height, but the actual pole shaft is longer. The additional length is at  the bottom section of the pole, the section that is inserted into the ground and placed within the foundation sleeve.  For example, a 20' above-ground height pole will be indicated to be a 20' pole, but it will actually measure at least 22'.  The length of the section  that is inserted into the foundation sleeve will be determined by the overall length in order to achieve the rated specifications of stabilty for that particular flagpole.
Construction Material:  Aluminum, Fiberglass, Steel
Our flagpoles are made of aluminum, fiberglass, or steel. Each material has different properties, weight, and strength characteristics.  Each  material will facilitate different specifications, and affect a different appearance. Cost will vary with material. Maintainence will differ with each construction material, with fiberglass being the easiest to maintain.  Fiberglass will not conduct electrictiy. Aluminum and steel may require ground staking.
Pole Styles: 
In-Ground Standard Vertical Flagpole.
Roof Mounted with special brackets.
Wall Mounted on building surafce such as an Outrigger Flagpole (30 or 45 degree angle).
Wall mounted as Vertical Outrigger Flagpole with special bracket.
In-Ground Mounted Nautical Style Flagpole with Yardarm (crossbar attached).
Appearance: Colors
Fiberglass flagpoles are most commonly white in color, but are available at higher cost in several colors. Steel  is used primarily in the construction of the less expensive utilty flagpoles up to 20'. They come white or in the color of steel. Aluminum flagpoles are available in several colors and finishes ranging from clear aluminum, to bronze, anodized, black, white.
What's the appropriate Flagpole for you?
Please be sure to take the time to review all of the outdoor flagpoles we offer.  Flagpoles vary greatly and should be specifc to your need, regarding size, construction specifications, location, and price.  Our flagpoles are offered in differing lengths, construction materials, colors and finish, and general specifications concening wind stress load and application. They are offered in different prices ranges from economy and budget, to high quality best construction. 

We offer the finest flagpoles, from well respected manufacturers, Annin, Eder and Alliance, at pricing that is aggressively discounted.

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